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Apr, 2020

Little League Postponed Until Further Notice!

Hi Columbia Families,
Hope you are all doing well and staying healthy.
We haven't sent out any information for a while, mostly because just like most of you we aren't sure of what is going on. After we first suspended the 2020 Spring Baseball and Softball Season, we brainstormed a couple of different scenarios. Those ideas kept changing as the schools suspended the school year and the State of Washington started recommending actions to slow or stop the spread of the COVID-19 Virus. 
At this point we still don't have a master plan. But our direction at the moment is start practices up once the schools start letting our kids back into the schools to continue their educations. As that time get closer we will send out details about starting the season again. 
May we all get through this time in our lives healthy. If we all do our part to combat this virus and stop its spread, we will be able to start our baseball and softball seasons soon and get back to being the community we all want to become again. 

Dan Piovesan, President
Columbia Little League

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