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Have you moved??

If you've moved, please update your player's residency paperwork with us right away. You can still play with Columbia Little League if you move out of district, we just need to make sure we get the right paperwork in place. Little League International has very strict rules in place when it comes to player eligibility for All-Star Teams and it is terrible to tell a kid that they can't play on the All-Star team because of paperwork!  Contact the Player Agent if you've moved since last season. 

Registration paperwork is needed each year, for each player.

Registration consists of 3 parts.  Links to forms and handouts are at the bottom of the page. 

  1. Residency Documentation
  2. Medical Release Form 
  3. Birth Certificate

Residency documentation:  Each player has to live or go to school in our League boundary.  Why? Little League International says league boundaries help keep Little League a community based program.  There are two different ways to demonstrate residency. 

One way is with a School Enrollment form.  This is a single form that the school office staff sign.  The school enrollment form is easiest way to demonstrate residency if the player attends a school located within the League boundary. Find a list of schools located within the Columbia Little League boundary lower on this page. 

The second way is by providing 3 separate documents that contain the player's address and at least one of the parent names listed on the birth certificate.

  • Each document needs to be dated (or effective) between Feb 1 of the prior season and Feb 1 of the upcoming/current season.
  • Copies of a driver's License, a tax form, and a utility bill are the most typical documents used to demonstrate residency with this method are a driver's license, a tax form, and a utility bill.  

Returning Columbia All-Star players only need to complete a medical release form each year.  Returning Columbia All-Star players do not need to complete residency paperwork each year because of the scrutinous review of this paperwork conducted at the time of their first All-Star season. 

Medical release form:  Simple form completed and signed by the player's guardian.  This form does not get signed by a doctor.  Information provided on this form lets us know if a player has conditions the coaching staff should be aware of (i.e. allergies, asthma, diabetes, etc.) and lists emergency contacts should there be an emergency.  

Birth Certificate:  this is needed to ensure that players are playing in the correct division for their age and that guardian name(s) on residency paperwork match those listed on the birth certificate.  In reality, these details are only scrutinized during the All-Star season.  For a player’s very first All-Star season, the original birth certificate will be required.  But for regular seasons (spring and fall) a copy of the birth certificate will do.

Player Grants

The T-Mobile Little League Call Up Grant offers a simple-to-use application to cover the cost of registration fees for families in need. SPRING SEASON ONLY

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