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Volunteer Opportunities

Did you know that Little League is a 100% volunteer run organization? Many people don’t, but it’s true!  There are so many ways you can help out; whether big or small, your involvement helps create a fun, safe, and organized environment for players and spectators.  Descriptions on different volunteer roles are below. 

You can indicate your volunteer interest with this form or in the registration portal when registering your player.  

Team Manager and Coaches:

As a manager or coach, you have more interaction with young people than anyone else in Little League. Being a manager or coach requires time, patience, and basic knowledge of the game of baseball. There will be a few meetings and instructional sessions to attend at the beginning of each season.

Team Parent (aka Team Mom or Dugout Dad):

 You communicate with the parents/guardians of your team’s players to inform them of any schedule changes, rainouts, and Little League events and activities such as picture day, concession duties, and fundraisers. Your role is very helpful to the coach and manager staff! 

Field Maintenance: 

Mowing, mowing, mowing!  There are lots of other minor projects to keep the fields safe and  looking great - fence repair, sprinkler maintenance, and infield leveling/raking - but there is a lot of mowing to be done. 


Help check equipment in and out for each team, fitting players for jerseys, or conducting inventory.   


Aside from calling ball or strike, safe or out, umpires are responsible for teaching players good sportsmanship and the rules of the game. Most games have one home plate umpire and at least one field one field umpire. Plate umpires are also called upon to interpret rules and help settle minor disputes that may occur during games. Main responsibilities of a field umpire are to call plays on the bases, determine if balls are fair or foul, and assist the home plate umpire with other calls.

Early in the season we offer a short umpire clinic and new umpire preferable start out in the field before getting behind the plate.  There is a great weekend long umpire clinic each year (very early spring) for those who get bitten by the umpire bug! 


The Columbia concession stand raises a significant amount of money each year to support league activities and help keep registration costs low.  Every family is assigned one or two shifts in the concession stand throughout the season but there additional ways you can assist with concession responsibilities: buying and transporting groceries, pre- and post-season cleaning, signing up for shifts during tournaments (i.e. All-stars), or overseeing shifts as a concession “lead”. 


Assist with publicizing company sponsorship outreach by canvassing local businesses in person and making calls.  The hit-a-thon is a big fundraiser for the league and we can always use help increasing visual promotion around the fields, facilitation of the actual hit-a-thon day, or setting up the ice cream and pizza parties for teams earning the most donations.   


Help review forms submitted to ensure they are complete and correct, answer questions, make phone calls. Distribute flyers and hand banners. Assistance in this role is needed primarily in December - February for the spring season and again in late May for the All-Star tournament.  

Special Projects: 

Always a special project in que!  Bleacher replacement requires dismantling, assembling, and a haul to the transfer station.  There is a score tower to remove, a batting cage to install, plus many more! 

Board Member:

We meet once a month with a few extra meetings when the spring season and All-Star seasons ramp up.  The Board holds the responsibility of providing a safe and organized environment for players.  Board of Director positions include: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Player Agent, Equipment Manager, Safety Officer, Umpire-in-Chief, League Information Officer, Coaching Coordinator, Sponsor Fundraising Manager, Concession Manager, and Marketing/Public Relations Manager.  Axillary roles are also utilized.  The more people involved the better - you are welcome to attend a board meeting!

Volunteer Application and Background Check 

Results of each background check is confidential and the information is reviewed only by select board members, based on their administrative positions.  You can still volunteer even if minor infractions are present on the background report. Individuals with a background check that reveals a conviction for, guilty plea, no contest plea, or admission to any crime involving or against a minor cannot be allowed to volunteer. 

Completion of a Little League volunteer application and the required national background check is required before filling any of the volunteer positions.  A board member will provide you an individualized link to the volunteer form/background check company; this lets you enter personal information directly to the company, bypassing the need to give us your information on paper.   


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